Predictions for Agriculture.

Providing the safest way for you to farm, do your agriculture with a free mind and let us worry about the pests and diseases.

About Us

Agripredict is a startup that reduces the risks involved in farming, these risks include Plant & Animal disease, Pest infestations, Droughts and other things that can reduce farm yields.
Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we predict the likelihood of these events occuring.

Have your farm monitored.

There is a 32% chance crops will be attaked by pests and pathogens, 39% with animal diseases, do not be caught unaware when this happens.

Detect and identify pests by taking a photo.

No sure what you are seeing in your farm? Detect and identify it before it is too late, simply take the picture of the suspected pest or disease and get an ID, dignositic of the detect pest or plant disease.

Drought & Yield Forecasting.

Predict your yield, droughts and get the upper hand with your farming.


Mwiza Simbeye

Patrick Sikalinda

Nimisha Sarath
Data Scientist

Subilo A. Mukupo
Marketing & Media

Sibongile Simbeye
Business Dev.

Boyd Phiri

Hillary CheuCheu
Hardware Engineer

Fred Samani
Hardware Engineer


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